Inspirational sentences

  • L’agilité est un état constaté, on ne peut donc s’affirmer comme l’étant.
  • Y’a pas de meilleure route.
  • Ça coûte plus cher de vérifier plus tard dans le processus.
  • Keep evaluating your work by having feedback as soon as possible.
  • Focus on connecting company’s business strategy with what the team does and keep it visible.
  • Keep challenging yourselves and growing your trust through effective collaboration.
  • Go out there, learn from others and share what you guys have done and how you do it.
  • Keep practicing and continue improving every single day, but remember to have fun when doing it.
  • Please use your common sense every single time, to keep things simple.
  • Have faith that you guys are going to prevail no matter what.
  • Keep evaluating strategies to grow in every single sense, but do it iteratively, embracing risks as part of your journey.
  • Allow yourself to learn through experimentation. So please allow yourself to fail often and focus on learning instead of playing the blaming game.
  • Get to know each other and do things together to build a solid bond to face crisis and difficult moments.
  • Keep practicing, keep evolving, keep your curiosity up to sky.