Scrum meeting idea


Closed eyes and talk to the third person


Don’t always go consecutively around a circle. Get the current speaker to randomly pick the next person to talk, as long as that person isn’t standing right next to them, or use a random number selection from a hat to set speaking order, etc.


Don’t always feel like you have to answer the 3 questions at once. The team could try answering the yesterday/impediment question as a first round-the-group update, and then answer the today question as a second round.


After the team discusses today’s plan, a random team member can recap it and then signal the end of the daily scrum. Choose the recap person via a random method at then end. This will help prevent attention drift since you don’t know who will have to do the recap and it’s also useful where you have scrum of scrums occurring.


If you use a task board, don’t have individuals talk about their previous day. Instead go through PBI’s on the board top to bottom, one by one, checking how each is progressing, what the blockers are and what the plan is for today to move that PBI closer to done. Just be careful that the team doesn’t turn it into a status meeting instead of a self-organization one.